Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce, in WWE belt, gives intense victory speech

February 6, 2020

It’s Travis Kelce’s world: we’re just living in it.

The Super Bowl LIV  champion tight end gave a thunderous, sprawling speech at the world championship celebration for the Kansas City Chiefs Wednesday afternoon.

“I love this city to death. I promise you from here to the end, I cherish every moment with you all. I promise you every single one here feels the same exact way,” he bellowed.

Dressed like he was about to drop a legendary hip-hop mixtape, Kelce was rocking a $20,000 Louis Vuitton coat and the WWE championship belt his team got from Triple H.

Kelce screamed: “I’m wearing about half the beers I’ve been trying to drink, baby!”


He began his intense victory speech quoting from the 1979 film “The Warriors”: “CAN YOU DIGGGG IT?!”

During his epic three-minute speech, the party-boy showman rapped a line from the Beastie Boys and gave a shout-out to military veterans for their heroism.

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs points to the crowd during the Kansas City Super Bowl Parade Wednesday afternoon in Kansas City, Missouri. (Brian Davidson/Getty Images)

“We represent everybody and honor every single veteran that went to war for us,” Kelce said.

He had a tough act to follow and some brotherly competition.

His brother Jason gave a larger-than-life speech after helping the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl in February 2018.

Sunday night, Kelce had six receptions for 43 yards and one touchdown during the Chiefs’ 31-20 comeback victory over the San Francisco 49ers.


At the rally, he poetically told the crowd just how they did it: “And what we do, what we do, we release a can of whoop-ass on everybody. Twenty-four to zero. I ain’t trying to hear it. Down 10, I ain’t trying to hear it. Fourth quarter, six and whatever left on the clock. Down 10. Pssst. Pssst. Psst.”