Mets pitcher calls out fans for ‘harassing’ his wife on Twitter following bad outing

May 24, 2021

New York is a difficult place to play in any sport, but Mets pitcher Jordan Yamamoto believes fans took it too far when they harassed his wife, Madison, on social media following a poor outing during the team’s 5-1 loss to the Miami Marlins on Sunday.

Yamamoto, who allowed five runs in four innings of work, decided to address those fans on Monday and he said in his post “if you should be trolling any one, it should be me.”


“I know Twitter is sometimes not a very nice place and to some of you it may seem fun to troll people. But you don’t go and harass my WIFE!” Yamamoto wrote. “She isn’t the one playing the game nor wearing the uniform!”

Yamamoto continued: Tag me and comment on my posts, it is my fault and my fault alone. I gave up those 5 runs. My own errors and lack of focus got away from me that inning. So don’t go and harass her!”

Yamamoto added that he also appreciates the true fans for sticking up for his wife.

Madison discussed the harassment she received during the game in a Twitter post of her own.


“Wow, from love to now hate so fast Mets fans. As my phones blowing up with nasty tweets..I just want to remind you that we’re human. I am a WIFE, cheering on her husband. No matter the runs. Your passion for the game is great and all, but stay classy,” she wrote.

Yamamoto, who spent the last two seasons with the Marlins, is playing in his first year with the Mets. He has appeared in just two games so far, allowing five earned runs in 6.2 innings pitched with three strikeouts. Yamamoto has a 1-1 record.